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Are you coming to Kraków and wondering where to eat pierogi? Or you’re a foodie looking for the best food experiences? Or maybe an expat trying to find the best restaurant for a date? In any case, you’ve just found the best culinary guide in town! Forget TripAdvisor  it has nothing to do with the culinary scene in this city. I’ve been writing restaurants reviews since 2011 and with this page I want to help you discover the best that my beloved Kraków has to offer in terms of restaurants, cafés, street food, desserts and even vodka! Enjoy and please  let me know in the comments or via e-mail if you liked it or if something is missing!

Most of the places in the below list are located either near the Main Square or in Kazimierz, so they are easily reachable on foot. In case a place is more far away, I’ll let you know. I try to keep the list up to date, also expect it to grow over time. All the reviews I’m linking to (under the restaurants' names) are in Polish, you can try Google Translate but the short description in English next to each one of the suggestions should be enough for you to make a decision 
(you can click on the link to the review, you’ll be able to see the photos). You can follow me on Instagram, which is in English.


The best restaurants with Polish food in Kraków:

Pod Nosem (Kanonicza 22, www a very elegant interior with intriguing tapestries, very short and seasonal menu based on local ingredients, perfect service and fantastic Polish cuisine by chef Przemysław Bilski. In the summer you can enjoy all of this while sitting outside on one of the most charming streets of the Old Town and looking at the Wawel Castle.

Ed Red (Sławkowska 3, www) – offers amazing dry-aged Polish beef (limousine breed). A T-bone and veal offal appetizer (liver, sweetbread, tongue, cheeks, cerebellum) are a must. But it’s not only a steakhouse – in the menu you can find a variety of interesting seasonal dishes based on Polish products.

Biała Róża (Straszewskiego 16, www even though the service is not perfect here, the delicious food by young chef Łukasz Cichy is definitely worth a visit. High quality local ingredients, dishes based on old recipe books, Polish wine on the menu and the proximity of the Wawel Castle should be enough to convince you.

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best bistro / place for lunch / place to go with friends in Kraków:

Karakter (Brzozowa 17, www one of the most important openings of 2016. I go back there often and am never disappointed. Courageous, incredibly original menu, cool interior, good wine and a very attractive 3-course lunch menu. Meat lovers will be in heaven. Chef: Daniel Myśliwiec.

Zazie Bistro (Józefa 34, www by many considered the best restaurant in Kraków, Zazie is a very informal small bistro with really great French-inspired food at a fantastic price. It’s always full, so make sure you book a table in advance. 

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

Bistro 11 (Rakowicka 11, www within a short walk distance from the Main Station you can find a tiny but cosy bistro with modern design, an open kitchen and creative seasonal menu. I suppose that due to its location not many tourists visit Bistro 11 but it’s one of my favourite informal places in Kraków!

Alchemia od Kuchni (Estery 5, www) – again, just a couple of tables, modern and minimalistic interior design, a very laid-back waiters and inexpensive but quite interesting international dishes. It’s great for breakfast too.

Hamsa (Szeroka 2, www somebody had an idea of opening a modern Israeli restaurant among all these Jewish restaurants in Kazimierz  and that idea was just great! It’s a very popular place among young people in Kraków; beautifully designed, with contemporary Israeli music in the speakers and great menu, including many vegetarian options.

The best pizza in Kraków:

Pizza Napoletana Vincenzo Pedone (Borsucza 12, www) – Vincenzo's Neapolitan pizza is my favourite pizza ever! And it's always excellent. It's located far from the city center and in a rather unattractive neighbourhood but if you ever – somehow – happen to be near Borsucza street, do pay Vincenzo a visit, you'll not regret it.

Pizza Garden (Konopnickiej 11, www this is a real hidden gem. I haven’t eaten such a good pizza even in Italy. The place is small, near a noisy street and off the tourist trail, but the pizza is outstanding. Very often there’s a long queue for a free table (no bookings) but in the summer you can just grab the pizza and eat it at a river bank with the view at the Wawel Castle.

Nolio (Krakowska 27, www) – a real Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Kazimierz district. Interesting interior and excellent certified products imported directly from Italy such as San Marzano tomatoes or mozzarella di bufala D.O.P. 

En Plato (Warszawska 170a, www just as at Pizza Garden (see above), the quality of the original Italian ingredients are the secret of this delicious pizza. It’s actually located outside of Kraków but those who have a car shouldn’t have an excuse not to try it (make sure you order the speciality  margherita with San Marzano tomatoes DOP and Mozzarella di Bufala DOP, and a pistacchio tiramisu for dessert).

Piec na Zabłociu (ul. Ślusarska 3, www– very tasty Neapolitan pizza made by an Italian pizzaiolo in Zabłocie neighbourhood. Good idea to drop by before or after visiting some museums nearby such as MOCAK or The Schindler's Factory.

Włoska (ul. Sukiennicza 8, www) – located a few steps from the Wawel Castle, Włoska is a beautiful restaurant with great menu and products, and it happens to serve a fantastic pizza as well. Go for the classic Crudo or choose whichever one – it'll always be delicate and perfectly crispy at the same time!

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

Also, check out my article about the best pizza in Kraków. :)

The best sushi in Kraków:

Youmiko Sushi (Józefa 2, www a cosy sushi bar in Kazimierz run by passionate people who like to use local fish and sesonal ingredients. Obligatory visit for all sushi lovers and a fantastic treat for vegans.

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best street food in Kraków:

Meat & Go (Dolnych Młynów 10, www two things from Meat & Go were featured on my list of the best dishes of 2016. This family-run business is a true paradise for those who love meat. I’d say it belongs to a different category of street food. It’s so good that it gives you those exciting emotions and pleasure that you can only experience in the best restaurants!

Andrus Food Truck (św. Wawrzyńca 16, www this is definitely the coolest and the most delicious street food you can (should!) have in Kraków. It’s called maczanka and is a Lesser Poland’s regional dish – it’s basically a warm bread roll filled with meat and sauce. Sounds like a burger? It’s better than that! Andrus prepares an amazing maczanka, sometimes in very creative versions.

Streat Slow Food (Kupa 10, www)
 this is one of the best burger places in Kraków. It’s a food truck so be prepared that one of their delicious homemade sauces will be all over your clothes but the taste compensates the sacrifice. Smiling service and great care for high quality products. A must eat!

The Dog Food Truck (Ciemna 4, Plac Izaaka, www this nicely looking food truck selling gourmet hot dogs has earned love of both locals and tourists literally from day one. Very creative compositions, including seasonal options (with goose or bigos, for example), will make you addicted! The best hot dogs in Kraków. (If you can't decide, order Mac & Cheese.)

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best restaurants for a romantic dinner in Kraków:

Bottiglieria 1881 (Bocheńska 5 LU 1, www one of the smallest restaurants in Kraków – and one of the best. In this tiny wine place chef Paweł Kras serves fantastic seasonal fine dining dishes from a short and creative menu. The waiters are impeccable and passionate about wine. Reservation is recommended.

Trzy Rybki (Szczepańska 5, www
 located in one of the most prestigious hotels in town  Hotel Stary  offers one of the most interesting fine dining experiences (also one of the most expensive ones). Beautiful renaissance interiors and a seasonal menu by chef Krzysztof Żurek full of Polish tradition and innovative touches plus a wide wine selection will make your romantic dinner unforgettable.

ZaKładka (Józefińska 2, www
 it’s just a bistro but quite an elegant one. Prices are very reasonable and the quality is usually high. Apart from the best crème brûlée in town, chef Szymon Sierant offers great dishes based on French cuisine, but uses also some interesting original Polish ingredients. A nice place for a less formal date.

Albertina (Dominikańska 3, www
 a very elegant fine dining restaurant with interesting Polish and Mediterranean dishes. It has a lobster tank (not a very common thing in Kraków) with fresh lobsters and oysters as well as a wine dispenser. Chef: Grzegorz Fic.

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

Pimiento Argentino Grill (Stolarska 13 or Józefa 26 or Rynek Główny 30, www
 meticulously designed interiors, one of the most charming restaurant summer gardens in Kraków (on Stolarska street) and fantastic menu, especially the part including Argentinian beef. Worth a visit.

Zielona Kuchnia (Grabowskiego 8, www
– it’s a hidden gem  with a lovely, lovely garden, very creative menu based on high quality and healthy products, very nice service. You would never find it by chance, so make sure you write down the address.

The best ramen in Kraków:

Akita Ramen (Węgłowa 4, www–  the 4 meat ramens by Akita have conquered the hearts of locals. Some may say the flavours are too "Polish" but nothing beats their perfectly braised chashu!

The best Basque restaurant in Kraków:

Euskadi (Kazimierza Brodzińskiego 4, www– this cosy restaurant in Podgórze (a short walk across the river from Kazimierz) serves tapas made from fantastic fresh products. If you like Iberian pork or good seafood from Italy and Spain, this place is for you. Chef: Damian Surowiec.

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best Georgian restaurant in Kraków:

Tbilisuri (Meiselsa 5, www– Zviad, who had had a food truck before, has opened a restaurant which became a success literally overnight. No wonder – people, me included, love Tbilisuri for its simple yet delicious Georgian food at great prices. What else do we need?

The best Indian restaurants in Kraków:

Curry Up! (Krakowska 29, www a tiny place with just three or four tables, a short menu (always including vegetarian options) that changes every day and very nice staff cooking some decent Asian dishes. It’s great for take away or just a quick lunch. Oh, and try mango lassi, it’s delicious!

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best Korean restaurant in Kraków:

Mandu (Ignacego Paderewskiego 4, www) – why have I discovered this place so late?! These traditional Korean steamed dumplings are just splendid there! It's worth stopping by for fantastic bao buns in three different version, too (usually served on weekends only) – the best in town!

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best French restaurants in Kraków:

ZaKładka (Józefińska 2, www it’s just a bistro but quite an elegant one. Prices are very reasonable and the quality is usually high. Apart from the best crème brûlée in town, chef Szymon Sierant offers great dishes based on French cuisine, but uses also some interesting original Polish ingredients.  A nice place for a less formal date.

Zazie Bistro (Józefa 34, www by many considered the best restaurant in Kraków, Zazie is a very informal small bistro with really great French-inspired food at a fantastic price. It’s always full, so make sure you book a table in advance. 

Chez Nicholas (ul. Lwowska 1, www quite an extraordinary place in Kraków: French cuisine performed by a chef from... China. A modest, casual bistro with delicious stuff (the chef is passionate about food and quality) where you'll feel like at Nicholas's home. Seriously!

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best Thai restaurant in Kraków:

Big Mango (Bronowicka 23 or Zwierzyniecka 8, www Big Mango first opened in Bronowice, a district far from the city center, and gained huge popularity. Now there’s also a small Thai bistro place on Zwierzyniecka. There are few real Thai restaurants in town, so for Thai cuisine lovers Big Mango is a place to go. Their pad thai is amazing!

The best Mexican restaurant in Kraków:

Poco Loco (Plac Nowy 3, www a casual place for both take-away and a nice evening with friends over a table full of delicious food (and, optionally, a couple of tequilla shots). Poco Loco pays a lot of attention to healthy and good quality ingredients while fantastic, natural and traditionally prepared tortillas are the base for most of their tasty dishes.

The best vegetarian restaurants in Kraków:

Krowarzywa (Sławkowska 8, www simply put: fantastic vegan burgers. A perfect option for a cheap, healthy and quick meal near the Main Square.

Karma (Krupnicza 12, www
 it’s a very famous place for vegetarian and vegan food lovers as well as… coffee lovers. It looks a bit hipster but the food is fresh and cooked with high quality ingredients. Karma also has some great breakfast options, delicious cakes and… did I mention coffee?

Ka Udon Bar (ul. Rakowicka 14a, www) – an almost vegan restaurant (there's an optional egg on the menu). A fantastic homemade udon and probably the best tempura vegetables in town, add to it minimalistic design, beautiful ceramics from Lanckorona and positive energy. Everyone fell in love with Ka Udon Bar!

Mazaya Falafel (ul. Grzegórzecka 40, www) – in this inconspicuous place next to Rondo Grzegórzeckie Mazaya Falafel offers fantastic hummus and the best falafel in Kraków. Their food is colourful, tasty, filling and at a fair price. Those who like Middle Eastern food will be very much satisfied.

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best places for breakfast in Kraków:

Check out my article about places for breakfast in Kraków (Polish only). Here's the list:

Alchemia od Kuchni, ul. Estery 5
Bunkier Cafe, pl. Szczepański 3a
Charlotte, pl. Szczepański
Forum Przestrzenie, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28
Hamsa, ul. Szeroka 2 (buffet)
Karma, ul. Krupnicza 12
Kolanko, ul. Józefa 17 (buffet)

Mo-ja Cafe, ul. Starowiślna 14
Moment Resto, ul. Estery 22

Ranny Ptaszek, ul. Augustiańska 5
Dwa Okna Cafe, ul. Józefa 40
Wesoła Cafe, ul. Rakowicka 17 

Zaczyn, ul. Barska 4

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best ice cream parlours in Kraków:

Check out my article about the best ice cream in Kraków (Polish only). Here's the list:

Donizetti, ul. św. Marka 23
Tiffany, pl. Szczepański 7
Good Lood, Plac Wolnica 11
Lody na Starowiślnej, ul. Starowiślna 83
Si Gela, ul. Staromostowa 1

Lodowa Huta, Os. Centrum-C 9
Bracia Hodurek, ul. Kalwaryjska 37

The best pastry shops in Kraków:

Take a look at my article about the best pastry shops in Kraków (Polish only). Here's the list:

Słodkości by Oskar Zasuń Chef, ul. Daszyńskiego 12
Galeria Tortów Artystycznych, ul. Bożego Ciała 22
La Baguette, ul. Meiselsa 8
Wyszukane Desery Braci Szewczenko, Rynek Kleparski 14

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best places to eat beef tartare in Kraków:

Take a look at my article Where to eat beef tartare in Kraków (Polish only). Here's the list:

Ed Red, ul. Sławkowska 3
L Concept 13, Rynek Główny 13
Nota Resto, ul. św. Krzyża 17
Bistro 11, ul. Rakowicka 11
Karakter, ul. Brzozowa 17

Cracow restaurant foodie guide

The best places for a beer in Kraków:

Klub Alchemia (Estery 5, www)
House of Beer (św. Tomasza 35, www)
Beer Gallery (św. Tomasza 30, www)
Weźże Krafta (ul. Dolnych Młynów 10, www)

The best places for a glass of wine in Kraków:

Bottiglieria 1881 (Bocheńska 5, www)
Krako Slow Wines (Lipowa 6F, www)
BARaWINO (ul. Mostowa 1, www)

The best place for vodka tasting in Kraków:

Wódka Cafe Bar (Mikołajska 5, www)

The best place for coffee in Kraków:

Karma (Krupnicza 12, www)
Wesoła Café (Rakowicka 17, www)

And HERE or below is the map with all these restaurants. Just print the list and the map and you're ready to explore Kraków!
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